Güral Porselen has been blending its experience in traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic approach with contemporary production techniques to produce the perfect porcelain since 1989.

Top-notch production takes place on a total of indoor and outdoor area that spans 75,000 m2 and 275,000 m2 respectively, aiming at 60 different countries, in addition to domestic production. The quality of perfect porcelain is assured with the TSE and ISO 90001 Quality Assurance Standard.

The Company has assumed an exclusive position in the industry by tapping into a long-standing corporate culture and modern production techniques. Developing robotics solutions for special forms, Güral Porselen significantly enhanced both quality and production capacity with this production technique.

Exercising the utmost environmental sensitivity, Güral Porselen’s R&D efforts have helped recover heat in many of the furnaces at its production facilities. Heat release is eliminated in the facilities; indeed, it is transferred back to the appropriate sections for utilization at the factory, subsequently generating improvements in terms of energy saving and carbon monoxide emissions.

Güral Porselen is one of our country’s flagship companies, especially in the HoReCa industry, across the world, while cherishing our national culture and values of craftsmanship.


A unique brand that brings together craftsmanship, art, quality and success: Güral Porselen

We have always wondered how to achieve the best, with a focus on creating the perfect porcelain since 1989. Each time we learnt how, we were rewarded with success. We have transformed ourselves into one of the most respectable porcelain brands in Turkey and the world.

We have created a new porcelain culture in order to convey Turkey’s century-old craftsmanship culture and aesthetic heritage to future generations. This culture has added value not only to our country, but also to our employees since the very beginning.

We undertake more and more R&D activities in our production facilities to contribute to porcelain culture.

We exercise utmost care to prepare for future options imprinted on the spirit of the past, where we combine craftsmanship and art through modern production techniques and traditional handcraft methods.

We believe that porcelain represents an endless success story, which survives through storytelling, and grows and reaches masses through creating.