Message From The President

Dear colleagues,

At Güral Porselen, we successfully sustain the profound wisdom and graceful heritage of Anatolian craftsmanship. We are proud to shape our sector with national and international achievements.

We embarked on this journey driven by a dream; to create a global brand originating from the fertile Anatolian lands. Over the years we became more than just a company that merely produces white porcelain, and introduced Cream Porcelain which stands out for its translucent structure. You will definitely be greeted by a Güral Porcelain plate somewhere on this planet today.

We must, however, always remember that success is a long journey on which we are continuously tested.

An approach that is based on “making things good enough” will never survive competition. We therefore will always continue to support any project that will develop our company and employees.

We continuously invest in ourselves to capture the spirit of our time, the “zeitgeist” if you will. To this end, we established the first ever government-supported R&D Center in Turkey.

I am most assured that our employees who believe in us, and our local and international network of dealers with their continuous support, will contribute to the achievement of further momentous projects.

I believe that Güral Group will undoubtedly maintain its achievements not only in the porcelain industry, but also in all other areas from energy to sanitary ware, accommodation and mining.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our employees, dealers, business partners and clients for their cooperation driven by shared sentiments and agreement, and offer my warmest regards.


Chairman of the Board of Directors